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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Lately we have been so very busy. We were planning to go away four wheel driving over the Melbourne Cup long weekend, however we ended up cancelling. I breathed a sigh of relief. I am quite weary from all this cleaning, pruning, digging, tidying, de-cluttering, photo taking and playing stylist. Not to mention looking after my very active and cheeky Little O. A shame not to be able to go and explore the high country together, however there will be plenty of opportunities to come I am sure.
This weekend we finally got the house up on the market! Woohoo! We took all the pics and styled the house and wrote the ad for the realestate websites. Phew! 

Mmm......I think....I will show you some before and after pics of our house....

 I will go and dig some up from the deep dark depths of the files in the computer...
....wait one moment...

Here they are... you can see, alot has changed. New awnings to the windows. Nice and neutral as opposed to the pukey green striped and frilly ones that were there. New plants to the garden to provide a bit of shade and privacy.

Next is the kitchen-living area. We painted the mauve walls white and had a feature wall of a soft green, changed the curtains and obviously this is all our furniture...makes it alot lighter me thinks!

Next is the lounge and dining area. Alot of painting and redecorating and changing light fittings and curtains...but so worth it!

Next is the front hall. Originally there was a lovely 80s style archway....mmm lovely. So my amazing Mr PTF knocked the thing down and squared it off and now it looks much  more airy and light.

 Next we move on to the bedrooms. Below are pics of the study  and the guest room. The bedroom on the left was a study/sewing room before we moved in. Now it is a study/bedroom for Little O and the second bedroom on the right hand side is a guest room. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the guest room before we moved in, but just think, hideous curtains, mauve walls, dark woodwork and a lot of clutter!

Below is a before and after of the bathroom....didn't do a whole lot as we didn't want to spend too much money so just a bit of painting and changing of light fittings and new blinds.

Finally we have the master bedroom. We painted, changed curtains, light fittings and fixed up the plastering and woodwork. Looks much lighter and much more spacious...don't you think?!

  So there you have it, our 'renovations' and foofing around! I love how it looks now and it is always fun to go back and see just how different it looked before we moved in and put our stamp on the place.

Now after all that I am pooped! Time for some soaking in this, mmm delicious! I want one of these. This was a beautiful bath at an apartment in Hepburn Springs in Victoria that my gorgeous Mr PTF took me to....sigh.

So on this note, I think I will stop my bragging....and I really was bragging wasn't I?! I just felt that I needed to let it out to someone....anyone... all the work that we have done. In the end it really wasn't even that much or a major renovation. Just some paint, some new curtains, new light fittings and new plants for the garden...and voila! Well I like it, lets just hope someone wants to buy it real soon.

I am going to go now. Hope you have made it to the end of this post in one piece, and have been able to see the pics properly and in order. I tell you it has been a nightmare trying to upload all these pics on blogger the way that I want to and then at the end of it all, I forgot to add my watermark to them all and they all got mixed up so I had to do it all over again......grrrrrrrr! Oh blogger.....

Have a great week!
xo Rachel

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