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Monday, November 21, 2011

On our trip to the 'Big Smoke'

If I were a City Girl...I would.....

So as I mentioned in the last post, we went to Melbourne last week. We stayed in Carlton on Lygon Street for a whole week.
 As I walked the streets of Melbourne I couldn't help but think....If I were a City Girl....what would I do? Where would I shop...have a coffee with my groceries?

 So I thought you might like to come for a little walk around the city with Mrs Pear Tree Farm.

Just a little walk, to the places she liked most. To see the things that caught her eye....and believe me there were quite a few!
So here we go....are you ready??

If I were a City Girl I would most likely spend a lot of my time.... here

A gorgeous shop full of stationary and other lovely bits and hard to resist!!

If I were a City Girl I would probably have to have one of these to ride around the city and fill my basket with lots of fresh produce and other essentials.

Or perhaps I would need to scoot round in one of these? 

I probably wouldn't want one of these....much to Mr PTF's relief I am sure!

Maybe I would have to jump on one of these instead!

If I were a City Girl I think I would enjoy a walk in the Carlton Gardens....wouldn't you?

And watch my little girl do this

And this

If I were a City Girl and you were walking around the city with me, I would have to treat you to some gelati here and you would most likely beat me at Chess.

Maybe I would take Little O here....for some 'culture'

If I were a City Girl I think I could be pretty happy shopping here

Or here

If I were a City Girl I would totally buy my pasta here.....for a special occasion that is....or else Mr PTF would have words with me.

Maybe I would buy my bread here

Maybe if I was a City Girl, I would get my Fish and Chips here.... I could I not??!

Then maybe I would need to stop here for a drink or a florentine? You refresh myself.

Or maybe sit out in the sun and watch people walking by here

If I lived in the City I would have to go here.

 I have always wanted to do a short cooking school and this one was calling to me every day this week as I walked past longingly. Unfortunately I didn't get to go in and have a look at all the produce they had advertised on the sign out front.

I popped in to this gorgeous old and rambling bookstore and I think if I were a City Girl, I could well and truly lose myself in here

If I was a City Girl I would most likely take Little Miss O to Readings book store and let her play here

I would also be very inclined to buy most of the children's books on the gorgeous!

If I were a City Girl I think I would miss seeing this

And this

And I would probably want to have plenty of  room to grow these

So that Little Miss O could do this

I love the city and I had a great time just pottering around the streets and sighing over many of the cafes, gourmet produce and fine foods stores. However the other part of me was so very happy to come home to 'The Country' to our cosy little home with our garden and vegie patch and most of all the peace and quiet that surrounds us here. I wouldn't change it really.

xo Rachel


  1. Oh I love the vintage bike! If I were a city girl I'd ride mine to Readings..Or any cosy bookstore in fact..stopping for a chai along the way. :) Gorgeous post Rach, little O is looking so sweet and grown up! Melie xx

  2. I know Mel, I fell in lurrrve with that bike at first sight! Was so lovely dreaming of buying gourmet pasta and bread from a beautiful French Bakery, not to mention popping in and getting lost in that gorgeous bookstore! Little O is amazing! She takes it all in her stride. Now that she is walking she practically 'runs' everywhere, so very very cute. R says she is growing up too fast...I tend to agree! xo Rach

  3. love your post and your photos. i should tell Shan about your blog:)

  4. Haha, thanks Liz,
    Yeah go for it, I am sure she will recognize some of these places! Glad you liked my post, I had fun up in the big smoke, can totally see why you love Carlton! xo Rach

  5. Loved all the photos the places all look amazing! What fun you had! I'm just a bit slow reading these posts though!

  6. Haha, mum ah well you got here in the end!
    If I were a city girl, you and I would run up a huge bill at all the cafes around melbourne I think! What fun! xo Rach


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