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Saturday, October 22, 2011

On Pear Tree Farm

 Here I am!

Well, I have made a big jump and joined blog world....oh my what have I done?! I made a rash promise to my lovely husband that if we bought what I affectionately call 'Pear Tree Farm', then I would write a blog about our new life there and all the little goings on that happen in our day to day lives. So here I AM!! 
It is all very new and confusing to me at the moment....for example: 

  • I am struggling big time to get images centred!
  • I have no idea about css, what the??
  • I have changed templates a gazillion times trying to work out which one works best for me and how on earth to get things in the right spot and I am still going!
  • I seem to have a heck of a lot of trouble getting images to load in the right size and wish to goodness it could all be more straightforward
So far this is all I could come up with, I am sure it will change and morph and grow as I get more acquainted with blogger....let us hope so anyway! For now though, this is it.

So I shall explain about the elusive Pear Tree Farm. My husband and I have been searching for a new place to call home for about 2 years now and after searching high and low, going through property after property, making offers, having our offers rejected, more searching, constant and almost addictive surveillance on, lots of tears (from me of course) a fair bit of negotiating, we bought a place!! I have inventively named it Pear Tree Farm (for all the pear trees that line the driveway....clever I know). We are in the process of moving and also getting our current house on the market. It is a big change for us all and one that we are ready for. It has been a challenging process but one that has taught us alot and to be honest I have come to love our existing house a whole lot more than I used to and...gasp I think I will indeed miss it quite alot. It has been a wonderful house for us and we have renovated it and made it lovely. Our first home together, we moved here after we were married and have lived there for nearly 5 years now. We brought our new little bubbie home from the hospital to this place and she has spent her first year here. It holds many precious memories and I will miss it.
I will.
Together we have painted, re-curtained (is that even a word?) the house and worked endlessly on the gardens clipping and pruning roses and creating an awesome and rather wild veggie patch. Here is a pic if it...and I am in there somewhere!!

It is so amazing to me that you can plonk gracefully scatter some  seeds on some turned soil and voila! A wild and rambling veggie patch appears after a couple of weeks!! Love it.
We have had to weed this little patch so many times and I must say it will be nice when we move to Pear Tree Farm and all that weeding will be for keeps. Right now though we have to keep up the regular weeding so it will look nice and neat for potential buyers. Same goes for our little house, lots of cleaning under way at the moment. I will show you some pics soon. Looking forward to moving to PTF, am already mentally moving in, to own the truth.
So there you have it. I better go, my little O is letting me know in no uncertain terms that I am needed. I will keep you posted on all the little goings on here in our little place.

xo Rachel


  1. Oh Rach! I love it!! It's so...YOU! :) Miss you big time gorgeous, and so very very happy for you 3! Pear Tree Farm is going to be lucky to have you, I'm sure! Can't wait to visit..until then I'm so pleased I can pop in here and read about your goings on. Already blogging like a pro too :) Love to you all. Mel xx

  2. Oh thanks Mel,
    It is so lovely to hear from you on one trusty commenter! I am having a laugh at myself on this thing.....ahhh dear! It has been so hilarious/frustrating trying to work it all out, R is very encouraging though (of course!)Today we are out to clean up our driveway to get ready for selling, we are planting hydrangeas...sad to have to leave them here though...sigh. Will have to post some before and after pics (something I always manage to forget to do!)
    Have a lovely day
    xox Rach

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Just called over from Mel's blog. Your new place looks gorgeous! I hope you and your family have a wonderful life there!
    I'm sure you will quickly get the hang of the blogging thing. Wondering whether you are using the newer blogger in draft layout? I found it much easier to centrer pics on that than the old one.

  4. Hey Ruby, thanks for dropping by! I have no idea which blogger I am using....will have to do some investigating! Thanks for the tip, sounds good.
    Thanks Liz, yeah I am loving that vegie patch too....rather wild and woolly but soo much fun going out there to pick things!xo Rach

  5. Hello Rachel and welcome to Blogland!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for following me for which I am very happy to reciprocate ... I am also going to put you on my blog list if you don't mind:-) I don't want to miss anything ....

    You will soon get the hang of the technical side - and changing templates and fonts is so much part of the fun of blogging I feel.

    I have to say your blog looks beautiful already and I will be checking in often.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Thanks Jeanne,
    So lovely to hear from you...actually its quite amazing to me that somehow, somewhere in the big wide blog-world, people could be reading about my little life. Thanks for the encouragement. I enjoy popping over to your blog, loved the post on Italy, my hubbie and I absolutely LOVED doing the walk from Riomaggiore to Vernazza and then catching the train back to La Spezia in the Cinque Terre....absolutely breathtaking views!Sigh...will have to go back there one day.


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