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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Makeover

Driveway Before and After
So today we are working on our front driveway and getting it all nice and prettied up for selling. Not a fun job to say the least, however I am looking forward to how lovely it will all look at the end.
Its drizzling on and off, so its time to get those Stormwells on (how appropriately named!) get my happy face on and get to work!!

I thought I would take some pics of how it looks at the moment....extremely uninspiring. The horrible red pebbly rock 'scoria' is the absolute pitts and I can't wait to get rid of it!

We are just going to do a really basic job and put down some mulchy tan bark and a couple of plants as we don't want to spend too much moulah on it.

I bought some hydrangeas from our next door neighbours who were conveniently having a garage sale this morning- a great excuse to go off and have a potter around and leave Mr PTF to do the shovelling! I did eventually come back though with about 8 potted hydrangeas and a cute little wooden toy truck with red painted wheels for little miss O, all at bargain prices...gotta love that!

So there you have it....the definite before shots.... I will be back soon with the after shots!!

 xo Rachel

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