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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The joys of a pot of tea

My secret love of Tea Parties
When I was a little girl, my most favourite thing to do was to have a tea party with my best girlfriend. We would dress up and set up our little tea pot and tea cups and saucers and eat little vanilla wafer biscuits or a teddy bear biscuit from the extensive Arnotts biscuit range.

 On very rare and special occasions, my mum would let us use her precious china tea set. It was given to my parents as a wedding gift and it was such a treat to be able to use it. In still is to me! Years later my love for a tea party is still very much alive and I like nothing better then to go thrifting (I love to use that word....instead of op-shopping, makes it sound so much cleverer productive and thrifty!) for vintage tea sets or mix and match tea cups and saucers. I am getting quite a collection now and I love to be able to get them out and use them! In fact for Miss O's first birthday this year, I used all my bits of vintage china and it was such fun...for me that is!

My good friend, who is sadly going away for 3 months or so, also relishes in a pot of tea for two, and we have had countless cups together chatting and sharing thoughts and dreams and having a  good giggle with one another time and time again. It is so special and I truly enjoy baking something nice and setting up a tray with a pot of tea and my gorgeous tea cups. Somehow, tea just tastes better when you can sip it daintily from a tea cup....don't you think?

So today, this afternoon in fact. I am going to poor myself a cup and relax and savour the taste of tea from a tea cup. I may even have to bake something nice....just because.

You may want to join me in having one too!
xo Rachel

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  1. I woke up this morning to a cooler and slightly drizzly day - just perfect for a cup of tea! In fact L is making a cuppa for me to sip in bed, a perfect start to a Friday. :) You know I'd love nothing better than to pop over this afternoon and sip tea from a china cup and chat away with you! One day maybe? Happy Friday Rach! xx
    PS. Love the macaroons!


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