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Sunday, November 6, 2011

On 'Getting Fit and Fine-as for the Festive Season'


So, seeing as tomorrow is a Monday....I have decided to take the plunge and to start my week by going public with my goal of getting Fit and Fine-as ... anyone want to join me?
Am I alone with my muffin tops and jiggly belly and my tuck-shop lady arms that keep wobbling when I wave goodbye?....very demoralising too I might add.
I am going public with this because I think it makes it so much more real...I will have to be responsible and accountable this way.....oh dear....what am I doing?!
I know that when goal setting you are supposed to make them Smart goals.
A-chievable or attainable
T-ime bound
So I guess if you look at my goal.....'To get Fit and Fine-as for the Festive Season', it is not exactly specific or measurable. My definition of fit and fine-as is perhaps to be less jiggly, to lose the muffin tops, to tone up the jiggly bits (belly, thighs, arms, bottom) and to feel fit and healthy. I would love to feel good in myself, to feel more energy and more on top of things. Not exactly quantifiable I know, but that is what I want.
To know if I have succeeded I guess, my skinny leg jeans will need to fit me a bit better, the muffin tops will not hang over the tops of them as much and my tummy will not roll on top of itself when I sit down. Is this too much to ask??! Perhaps I will have a bit more tone in my thighs and bottom and my arms will get a bit more tone too. that specific enough?! I don't have a set of scales so the weight is not such a big deal for me it is mainly to do all the things above. I may measure myself but then again I may not. I think the main thing is to feel better in myself.

For now, I am going to do the normal things we all try to healthily, exercise more, BUT I have a secret weapon.... a spreadsheet.....

You heard me right.
A spreadsheet! Mr PTF is a mastermind at spreadsheets and he takes great pleasure in suggesting one for almost anything....for example, our budget..."we should put that on a spreadsheet", plans to update our house and garden...on a spreadsheet. Our 8 week trip to Europe and all accommodation for each and every day...on a spreadsheet. My daily exercise plan...."hey you should put that on a spreadsheet" and so it is, courtesy of Mr PTF because I get completely lost and frustrated with the different cells and formulas on excel and grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Now it is rather ambitious I admit, but I have got to aim high...I always do. I will be eating alot more fresh veg, lots of fruit and corn thins. Not so much carbohydrates, much less sugar, no fatty/oily foods  where possible (there will be times where it will be absolutely necessary to have some popcorn both savoury and sweet caramel goodness).

So, I will be drinking  alot of this
(More about this awesome water next post!)

I will also be munching on this

and alot of that

and maybe some of this mmm mmm
Now that the weather is much warmer I have noooo excuse to not go for a walk and Little O absolutely lurrrves going outside for walks, especially if we happen to stop at the park for a swing and a slide. 
DO IT!!!!!!!!
And so I will. Feel free to join me if you want. Wish me luck, I will keep you posted on my progress!!
xo Rachel

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