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Monday, November 7, 2011

Update on Getting Fit and Fine-as

Day One
So today.....

I went for a 40 min walk up and down the hills around our place with Little O. We stopped off at the park on the way of course....a must for Little O. She starts to flap her arms wildly and squeal with delight as soon as we go past the park, so who could resist that? Not me!
I also managed to do my 100 sit ups and leg lifts and some pelvic floor exercises as per the spreadsheet. What fun.

 I stayed in my exercise gear all day....trying to feel fit and fine-as even though I am not....yet. Tried not to notice the muffin tops exploding over the tops of my leggings. Tried not to think about my pasty white legs and arms. Also tried not to think about eating carbs.....

 When Mr PTF came home from work we went for a long walk together. Up and down hills again and we stopped at a gorgeous little park with an amazing view of the rolling hills as a backdrop. Did some push ups and squats while Little O squealed away on the swings. Phew! Exhausting stuff but soo good.

 I ate a reasonably healthy stir fry for tea tonight....however I slipped up. I gave in to the tempting homemade potato chips that Mr PTF baked for himself. My excuse is that they were from the vegie patch and also they had also been  homemade by my lovely could I refuse? I couldn't. Mmmmm perhaps a bit of pilates to work that off....maybe.....maybe not.

Tomorrow is going to be busy but I am really hoping to do some pilates in the morning (using a dvd) and my sit ups etc and if I can possibly do a walk I will but that may be too much.
So, not a bad start for day one....
xo Rachel

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