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Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello Again!
Phew I have been flat out lately and have been away from home for a week, so have not been able to post anything. I am realising I have a bit of catching up to do and to follow through with some of my promises. So here I go!

On getting fit and fine as......mmm.....perhaps I should leave it there...oh dear.
I am afraid to report that apart from a fairly long daily walk last week, the leg lifts, sit ups and what not did not get done at all as religiously as I would have hoped....oh dear oh dear oh dear. Tut tut!
 The week before I was doing really well but then last week we went away to Melbourne and stayed on Lygon street...hence my unravelling in more ways than just exercising....I mean, Lygon Street... good food, shopping, cafes...restaurants galore, how was I to avoid all of that?!

But today is Monday again and I can start afresh! I am feeling pretty good with all the exercising and the walking has been so great. Pushing that pram up and down the hills were we live is a great challenge! So this week I will get those running shoes on and get going. Am thinking of wearing the pedometer in the photo above to help me stay motivated to get to 10,000 steps per day (the recommended amount to stay fit and lose weight). Will keep you posted on my progress!

Now on to Thankyou Water.....I meant to post about it awhile ago and never did. Oops!
Thankyou Water  is an awesome initiative run by young Australians to provide clean water for developing countries such as Kenya and Cambodia. They sell bottled water labelled Thankyou Water and they use 100% of the profits made by selling this water here in Australia, to supply clean drinking water for developing countries. How wonderful is that?! I lurrve it and am keen to support it.

Unfortunately it is not sold at major supermarkets yet but hopefully in the near future it will be. It is currently sold at 7 eleven stores and other cafes. You can go to their website Thankyou Water  and find a store located near you if you want to purchase a bottle or two or three! So keep your eyes pealed!
A Kenyan woman

There was a segment awhile ago about Thankyou Water on the 7pm project and also on Sunrise, (for all those in Australia) and they interviewed the founders of the organisation. You can watch the interview here: as it explains it all better than I can and is really interesting.

So there you go. Something I am passionate about and keen to support. Hope you can find a bottle of Thankyou Water in a store near you!

I better go for now though as my little O is up and ready for some dinner! I will write soon about my happenings last week!

xo Rachel

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