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Thursday, November 24, 2011

My 'Thrifting Compulsion' me!!!!

I've got it bad!

So...I have a bit of a problem...
I just lurrrrrrrrrve to go treasure hunting in 'op-shops,' however I think I will call them 'thrift stores' from now on. To me it just sounds better. Don't know why. OR maybe even the phrase 'to go '' (that is my new word... I think) to me the phrase 'to look for bric-a-brac' is so much more appealing, it has a cutesy sound to it maybe...

Anyway, so back to my problem....I can't seem to resist looking for old plates, cups, bowls, glasses.... actually it has now extended to cutlery and old egg beaters and not to mention old linens, vintage children's books or materials.

 I mean, I already have an old set of egg beaters (courtesy of Mr PTF's grandma....I persuaded her I 'needed' them. I did..) and yet, I am still drawn to all these things. I already have a rather large stash of blue and white china and floral tea cups... but does that stop me? I am afraid not.

There are numerous reasons why I should not indulge in this obsession.....
We are moving house.
Our new house does not have that much storage.
I am running out of boxes (and so far all I have been packing is china....and I am not half done in that department.....)
We are supposedly saving our moulah so we can pay off Pear Tree Farm.
The people at the store are probably beginning to recognize me and that is kinda awkward.
Mr PTF continually raises his eyebrows at me and my 'treasure' (actually, this has never put me off and probably never will so it probably doesn't count does it...)

Nevertheless there I am, often on my hands and knees trawling through crates of china and cutlery, boxes of books... unable to resist the urge to 'just have a quick peek.'

But enough about my guilt....don't you want to have a look at all my bargains?! I'm sure I heard you say yes.

Bargain number 1.

A beautiful cut glass bowl.

 I am thinking it would look gorgeous with some roses floating in it as a centre piece or even some tealight candles....mmm!

Bargain number 2.

A faded blue-handled set of egg beaters

Now my justification for buying these egg beaters, (despite already having a pair) is that I was not going to buy them for me you must understand. I was buying them...for a know.......mmm just have to think of who?
I must tell you a bit more about them though. I had gone in to the thrift store under the guise of dropping off a whole bunch of clothing that had not sold at our disastrous garage sale (more about that another time). However I could not help but notice this beauty in the window. I saw the price was $10 and to me that was not bargain I asked the lady kindly if she 'didn't think that was a bit much?" to which she replied she thought that was "maybe a bit cheap dear" as she was sure she had seen a pair for $30..."They are quite collectable now, didn't you know?" drat the woman....she was onto me! She then said she would have to ask the manager. He went on about how these wretched beaters dated right back to the 1940s....I was not convinced. I said I had seen a pair for $8 and would he take that for them. He agreed and even took another whole 50 cents off the total price of all my 'finds'...ah I could kiss him....not really.

Anyway on to bargain number three

Bargain number 3.

A gorgeous white serving dish with scalloped edges....think that's what I love most about this one. Plus its 'whiteness' and not to mention the lovely little embossed pattern around the edges. sigh.

Bargain number 4.

Ok so this one is not exactly vintage...but I still have a place in my heart for it....maybe not in my cupboard...but definitely in my heart.

Bargain number 5.

Love these 1950's (I think?) tea cups. My mother-in-law came round one afternoon recently and we sipped tea from them together and we had such a lovely time. She told me they took her straight back to afternoon teas with her relatives when she was a girl. They are really just plain-jane  Johnson and Johnson tea cups but I still think they are sweet.

So there you have it... 'thrifting' or '' (which ever term floats your boat)
my one weakness. Hahaha!

Have a lovely afternoon.
 I am off to thrash Mr PTF on the tennis courts.....did you hear that Mr PTF? Thrash you!!!!

See you soon,
xo Rachel


  1. Hehe...your posts are funny Rach. Although if I didn't know you and how beautiful your house is actually kept, I would think from that post that you may have some hoarding tendencies!!! :)

  2. Hahahaha,
    Yes, well its amazing what all my cupboards can hold! I am now discovering just how many zillions of boxes we are going to need to move me and all my china to Pear Tree Farm....oh dear!xo Rach

  3. Nice items! I'm always amazed at what you manage to find. Although I reckon "thrift store" sounds a bit snobbish. I'm going to keep calling them "op shops" as in "opportunity to dump stuff I don't need at moving time shops".

  4. Haha,true!
    Well I shall continue to be 'snobbish' and call them thrift stores (call it the 'Margot Leadbetter' in me, although she would NEVER visit a thrift store now would she!) But really Andy...can one actually be snobbish whilst visiting a thrift store or opp-shop...whatever it gets called? Therefore I shall be 'snobbish' and continue to call it a thrift has to retain a certain level of dignity whilst scrounging on the floor trawling through dirty boxes of crockery....doesn't one?!Haha! Can't wait to see you guys soon, we all miss you!


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