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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas....its nearly here...ahhhhhh!

Do I look ready??!!

So I am feeling the Christmas craziness descending on will not. I intend to be organised. Yes. Organised. Are you listening to yourself Mrs PTF??

No last minute mad dashes to the shopping centres walking around aimlessly in a daze buying crap nice, well thought out, meaningful gifts for someone when you can't even remember if you've already bought them something or not.

No more staying up till midnight making christmas stockings for your 5 siblings and mother and father and crying because you cut the beautiful material the wrong way for your own stocking. (Ok so that was ages a while ago.....but the scars are still there...)

No more ruining your nice ikea display unit by sticking Christmas ornaments on each shelf and then letting the candle light melt the sticky tape and ruin the finish on the shelves.....sorry bout that Mr PTF.

No more going nuts making six...SIX plum puddings....what were you thinking? Did it help enhance your Christmas experience, or fill you with Yuletide glee? No. Enough said.

So before I embark on my Christmas pilgrimage to Ikea (and there will be one Mr PTF, just putting it out there), before I become ensconced in gorgeous handmade christmas ornaments up to my eyeballs, or get carried away cooking up a storm and attempting to create the worlds biggest gingerbread house.....

I shall.......

  • Stop and think about the real meaning of Christmas 
  • Focus on making and enjoying special family moments (rather than six plum puddings)
  • Think of ways to make Christmas special for others who don't have the means to
  • Write a heck of alot of lists....its the only way to keep me from having a meltdown.
  • Attempt to keep things in proportion (you see I do listen to you sometimes Mr PTF)
  • Get creative and make rather than buy things for people....when possible... 
I will definitely be showing you our decorated house soon....when I get to decorating it that is. I may even have to take you for a walk down our street and show you some of the hilarious houses all lit up by their owners who go nuts plastering lights and other Christmas paraphernalia all over (I kid you not)

So that is it for me right now.

You must check this out for the real meaning of Christmas. Sooooo cute.
The Christmas Story

Have a lovely day and hopefully you can enjoy the Christmas Season and not let the craziness get to you.....I am determined it shall NOT get to me.No. Not one little bit!

xo Rachel


  1. merry Christmas Rachel! I love your post, and I hope that the season for craziness and hectic-ness goes smoothly for you! Thanks for leaving another encouraging comment on my blog, I love your comments!
    ~ Chloe

    P.S I have NO idea what to make for presents this year, so please don't feel alone!!

  2. Thanks Chloe! Lovely to hear from you too! Yes I totally know the "Ihavenoideawhattomakeforpeoplethisyear" feeling! Hopefully some inspiration will come to us both! Lots of love xo Rach

  3. Hi Rach,
    It sounds like you're well on the way to helping the family have a wonderful Christmas just by being you! And how wonderful to have Little O to join us as a big people this year.
    I loved that Christmas story too!
    Mum xx

  4. Hey Mum,
    Thanks for popping by! It will be so lovely to have Little O running about getting excited and pulling at all the ornaments haha! She is such a cutey pie. She is going to love the fairy lights! So fun to be able to come 'home' at Christmas. You do such a great job Mum! xo Rach


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