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Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday Market Madness

So I went to the markets.......and spent a bit of money....oops!

Mmmmm....yes. Markets and me. Not a good combo when trying to save moulah for paying off mortgage to Pear Tree Farm.....must remember that.

So I went to the markets. I had a game plan. Just vintage cutlery. That  was all I was out to get.
Did I stick to my game plan? In a
However I think if I show you all my market loot you will understand my weakness.

My mum, sisters and I went to the markets in Melbourne on Sunday. I could hardly contain my excitement. I felt the feverish thrifting frenzy come over me as we arrived at the stalls. However I did manage to control myself somewhat and even tried to appear nonchalant as I enquired about the price of yet another set of aluminium picnic cups. 
There was a plethora of vintage wares, soooo hard to walk past them and try to resist. I managed to find some vintage cutlery, a little metal trunk, a chippy white box, some sweet vintage Christmas ornaments and lots of other things. I did spy the most gorgeous long white chippy pew-bench seats (but I did not buy them....sigh) Firstly, they were rather pricey and, secondly, I didn't have the landrover to take them home in. Thirdly, I don't have anywhere to put them in our tiny house that we are trying to move from and already don't have enough space or boxes for my ever growing stash of vintage china....and other bits and pieces, and Fourthly and probably the most convincing, I don't think I could have handled any more raised eyebrows from Mr PTF.

So I shall give you a snippet of my day in Melbourne, come and have a wander with me through the market madness....

Here is the cutlery I found. I had this idea that I would start collecting some old cutlery for an everyday set and maybe keep in tin cans in a wooden cutlery/tea caddy/tool tray type thing. Dunno, just an idea so far. But I am loving it.

I also spied these lovelies. Some vintage glass Christmas baubles, at 50 cents each, could you really go wrong here? I am not 100% sold on the colour of them, as I was hoping for red and silver, however I snatched them up anyway.

I loved just having a potter here and there. Practising restraint and just soaking in the market atmosphere. Enjoying the uniqueness of some of the stalls. 

To own the truth though, at times I did feel a little irked that things that you can find at a thrift store for a pleasant $2, or better yet for free from your parents or grandparents shed, were being labelled as 'vintage' and sold for an arm and a leg.

I did go slightly weak at the knees when I found this little shoe box/stool. I am thinking I will stencil some numbers in black paint on the top of it. What do you think? I just love what Melissa does with her stencils, so I am thinking I will have to follow suite!

I also found this metal trunk which I am debating about whether to paint white. Any thoughts? I do like it as is but I think it may look a little overpowering.

I love the faded blue inside this trunk, not to mention the black printed lettering.

Now I don't normally look for clothes at the markets, I don't really know why. I think I just can't be bothered trying them on over my clothes and peeking at myself in tiny, distorted mirrors to see if they look any good. However, I did spot this cute old blue plaid coat.....and...well....I bought it! I mean I was on a roll, frittering away my moulah, so why not eh?!

So I didn't stick to my game plan.....

But I found these...

I also spotted this lovely old box, nice white and chippy. It was so coming home with me then and there!

Don't you think it was all worth it?
I do!

There were quite a few other purchases made on the day, however as they are presents for certain people for Christmas, I obviously can't take pics of them....however sorely  I am tempted!

So somehow I frittered away all the cash in my wallet....and there was quite a bit there (Sorry bout that Mr PTF). Actually I think the sum total was around $80. But my justification is that my most expensive purchase for the day, (the metal trunk) was only $20 AND I bought quite a few Christmas presents for people....amongst all my other purchases.
And that is money well spent in my book.

Now don't forget to send me a comment if you want to be in the running to get sent a little red thing that may look a little  something like this.

See you soon for the winner of this little red beauty and a little Christmas tour round my little place.

xo Rachel

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