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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On all the red things in our house...

So I like a little red around the place......ummm maybe a lot of red.....

Now I know I have posted about Christmas a little already, however I have not taken you on a little tour around our little place to see all our red things! And you know you want to right?!

If you happened to pop round to my place today....You would see this (if you came to the front door that is....some cheeky people like to come to the back door), you could too although you would miss seeing this....

I just lurrrrrrve this wreath, it is plain I know, but I think I like it just like that. 
Simple, unfussy, a bit rustic.

We are leaving this house in just over a months time. I am going to miss it. Even this funny front door with the little window (the Arch window that is....). I am going to miss the beautiful view from our lounge room. Although we are moving to Pear Tree Farm with beautiful views and room for a pony.

If you popped over to our place you would come through this door, past the gorgeous understated wreath and you would probably spy my little pop of Christmas here.....

Don't you just love these ornaments?! I bought them from a friend who raises money for a hospital over in Congo Africa (where we went together to help out for 2 weeks) I will tell you more about that another time though. For now, just admire these lovelies!

Little Miss O happens to love these fact I think she prefers to take them off the sticks and appreciate them up close rather than admire them from a distance.....

If you were round at my place, I would probably make that Rhubarb Cake again just for you because it is red and today I am loving red.

Perhaps then I would take you to admire this gorgeous little stocking belonging to one gorgeous Little O...

Isn't it sweet? My sister bought it for Little O's first Christmas last year and I just love it.

Mmm so what else would I show you if you were at my house for a visit?

I think I would get out this lovely christmassy linen table cloth

Mr PTF and I bought it when we went to Europe in 2009. We got it from a gorgeous town in Germany called Rothemburg ....basically a Christmas village all year round. Isn't it just lovely?
We also bought these.....

They make me smile.
One of my favourite things to do is put on some Bing (or perhaps I should say have Bing blasting in the background) and just potter around fluffing and putting up ornaments here and there, lighting candles wherever possible and just enjoying the feel of Christmas coming.

As a family every year we go and get a real Christmas tree together. My siblings and I and Mr PTF, all trim the tree together with Mariah Carey's Christmas album blaring all over the house.

 As a teenager I used to rearrange everyone's decorating at the end of the night, when they had gone to bed.....much to their annoyance. For me, well, I liked to make it look just had to look amazing. Not just a rinky dinky glitzy tinselly tree. No. It needed to be Myer window Christmas tree worthy. None of these hand made mismatching garishly coloured ornaments, nooooooo. We needed matching colour coordinated baubles, absolutely no skeric of tinsel, not even a hint. Plain coloured fairy lights and even some red poinsettia flowers dispersed randomly-yet-evenly amongst the branches of the tree.

Ahhhhh dear.....sorry guys. Not sure why I felt the need to be the Christmas decorating police.

I have now changed my approach to Christmas.....fortunately! I much prefer to keep things simple, rustic, unfussy. Just like that wreath.

I love candlelight, I love a pop of red here and there. I love plain fairylights and lanterns. I love the vintage glass or mercury glass ornaments and baubles. I love my handmade hearts and doves (I love that the money I bought them with, goes directly to women in need in Africa). I love using what I have already got around the house, rather than buying into the excess and materialism that is shoved into our faces every day. Don't get me wrong I am still hanging out to go to Ikea for my Christmas pilgrimage (yes really Mr PTF), but I really want to make Christmas a simple beautiful day, full of fun family traditions that bring people together and reflect the true meaning of Christmas. That's what I love.

Just in case you didn't see The Christmas Story on youtube I am posting it again here. Its just too cute for you to not have a look at it!

So there you go, a quick peek at all things red in my place.


Thanks for dropping round!

xo Rachel

P.s Tomorrow I will announce the winner of this Little Red Thing pictured below, so today is your last chance! Just leave me a comment and I will be drawing out a name and the lucky winner will get sent a little something like this.....

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