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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going on a Tree Hunt....

We went on a Bear hunt today....for a Christmas tree.... and we caught a BIG one!!

 It is our first ever Christmas tree in all the 5 years we have been married and I must say its a beauty and was such fun to find.

Admittedly it was a stinking hot 37 degrees out there and we were sweating like pigs and huffing and puffing...alot.

The men who cut it down for us were becoming rather tired of our indecision and miss O's little potty mishap didn't help speed the process up either!

She did encourage them though with a very cheery "Good job men!"

So we ticked Christmas tree off our ever growing list, yay! 

We did however, make a very foolish mistake...never to be made again. When offered a green plastic tree-stand, I firmly said "no way...too expensive...too hideous for PTF...absolutely not!" Surely we could find something much more appropriate and less expensive and offensive....surely. Mmmm, surely not. We searched all over town and came back with....nada. Not to be daunted by this, we bravely determined we would manage our 7 footer with bricks and a bucket (cute rustic bucket of course). Well, it took us forever to get the thing inside, as I am unable to lift anything remotely heavy and am still hobbling around like an old woman.

Poor, sweaty Mr PTF....eyebrows have been raised....more than once. I think he needs a swim to cool off.
Several attempts with bricks and bucket....nada. Soooo.....after spending precious time researching online where to get a more acceptable stand....nada....Mr PTF had to go and drive the drive of shame back to the tree farm and pick up the stand....How does he put up with me I wonder...I shall make him something yummy as a peace offering...perhaps.

After cooling off from our sweaty hunting adventure, we did manage to have lots of fun decorating.
Hideous tree-stand crisis was averted as I covered it with a gorgeous old lace table cloth, what do you think?!

Miss O was thrilled and kept asking mummy and daddy to "make the twee gwow (glow) mummy, daddy....make the twee gwow!" Oooh Christmas is so yummy don't you think?

I am loving keeping the tree simple this year, with just a few precious ornaments that we have collected over the years. I love red for Christmas, but I must say I am loving the look of the white against the green foliage on the tree and muted colours too. Just going for earthy, rustic tones this year and I'm loving it!

We have been busy here at Pear Tree Farm. Family are still coming each week to help me out and look after our little PTF kids. Miss O is full of bucket loads of energy as usual. She is loving running here there and anywhere and swimming in the pool is a definite favourite.

I have been thinking up lots of crafty projects for Christmas, alot of which are perhaps a little bit ambitious...but I can always dream! Miss O is very much into "cwaft" and we seem to be gluing or colouring or cutting something each day, love it.

We made an advent calendar this year which was great fun and Miss O takes great delight in opening a box each day. I am still madly trying to think up activities and surprises for each I was just not quite organised enough!

What do you think of it?! I am thinking next year I may paint the wooden frame, but then again maybe not!

We are also making some Christmas bunting in different green fabrics, to hang up on the verandah. One can never have too much bunting...can one?

I would absolutely love to make some clay tags this year as decorations and about a hundred other things....but I'm thinking I just may not get there!

In the meantime I will just enjoy my lovely Christmas wreath, my gorgeous BIG christmas tree and my beautiful family.

Will hopefully do another post soon, but don't count on it. It is just sooo tricky to get on here these days!

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely, crazy time of the year and are not letting the Christmas frenzy get to you!!

See you soon xo Rachel

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