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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Owls at Pear Tree Farm

So, I have had alot of time in bed, having to rest etc blah blah blah....lots of time to think about things and get ideas for projects.....I now have an endless list of projects. I am definitely itching to get out there and at em that is for sure!

Anyway, alot of my friends have had and are still having babies around the same time as me, so I have been thinking of gifts to make for each of them. My motto whilst being stuck in bed and unwell during and after this pregnancy has been to 'keep it simple'. So I have come up with a few ideas which I have been testing.

First I worked on making a modified bunny rattle, less arms and legs to fiddle with (which has made it alot quicker than the ones pictured on the side bar of my blog)

Another project was bunting made from scrap material.

I then decided I would try making something completely different, so I stole  borrowed an owl design from my gorgeous cousin and started making owls. They are super quick and super easy and just the sort of thing one can do whilst stranded in bed for weeks!
I will write a post soon on how I made them, but I am sure if you just look at the pics you could pretty much work it out just fine!!

I have found it quite satisfying being able to 'create' something while being stuck in bed. It feels good to get something done. Some days it feels like all I do is sleep, eat and feed my little man (actually that IS all I am doing...) so to be able to make and create something, just feels good.
 I must admit, I did get a little carried away and suddenly we had a whole owl family at Pear Tree Farm...much to little O's delight.

I also worked on a quilt (that has been on the go for about 2 years!) for my little PTF kids. It was supposed to be a blanket for little O when she was a baby...mmm...
It looks and is extremely 'homemade' I am sad to admit, but under the circumstances I am just glad to have it done...well almost done. It just needs the binding sewn on....yet another project.

I once heard that the Amish people deliberately sew a mistake into their quilts as a sign of respect to God because only God is perfect....I say my quilt is VERY respectful to God....very....

And that people, is what I have been doing on Pear Tree Farm. That and admire these beautiful blossoming pear trees...just divine don't you think?!

 I often have to pinch myself and remind myself that we actually live here...HERE!! We are so blessed.

See you soon
xo Rachel


  1. Goodness you have been busy! Love those bunny rattles :) And that last pic has me soooo jealous :)

  2. Haha, yes a little bit crazy I think, but it has helped to keep me feeling productive that is for sure! I love those bunny rattles too although they aren't as quick as the owls. xo

  3. Hey Rachel!!

    Your blog is amazing!! I loved it so much!! I hope I becaome as great as you have become at your photo's they are seriously great!! See you soon!!


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