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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where in the world has Mrs PTF gone??

I know you have all been wondering!!

Hi there blogging world - its Mr PTF here. I've been commissioned by Mrs PTF to fill you in on all the little things that have been happening on Pear Tree Farm since her last post.

As a novice to this blogging world, I'm afraid you will have to bear with me a bit. You might be surprised to read that despite all my helpful suggestions, I am under strict instructions from Mrs PTF not to fiddle with any headers, footers, fonts, layouts or photos!

I should first explain why you are having to put up with me here instead of Mrs PTF. It would seem there is soon to be another 'Little Thing' on Pear Tree Farm....

In about 2 more months, there will be an additional member to the PTF crew! Unfortunately, Rachel has terrible morning/all day/everyday sickness that seems to last the whole 9 months throughout her pregnancies. So, for the last 7 months Mrs PTF has been mainly in bed or lying on the couch, or indeed heaving into a bucket! She has sadly been unable to blog as she finds reading, writing and typing also make her feel sick.

So, I am here to fill you in on whats been happening...

We have finally moved to Pear Tree Farm! 

We moved in late January...amidst morning sickness and vomits and we painted two of the main rooms in the house. When I say 'we' I really mean me (Mr PTF) and Rachel's folks, who came down to help.

I (Mr PTF) have enjoyed the excuse to upgrade my gardening tools/toys....sorry Mrs PTF has just told me to write it like this... toys tools....there is that better? When Mrs PTF raises her eyebrows at these new purchases, I explain it is "required" to deal with the substantially expanded garden I now need to tend.

We have been able to enjoy BBQs with family and friends and anyone else we managed to coerce into helping us pack, unpack, move, paint, babysit etc!

We hosted our first Easter down here on Pear Tree Farm. Such a great fun, crazy family time.
Mrs PTF made this Easter wreath for a bit of a festive touch. What do you think?!

We had Bunnies.....

We had Bunting.... 

We had egg hunts, egg and spoon races, egg-tennis, food and more food and to top it all off a big
bonfire at the end of the day.

We have been spending alot of time settling in and unpacking and alot of time watching little Miss O run around on Pear Tree Farm in her favourite red wellies She is loving it!

We are plodding along, enjoying the change of seasons and snuggling up inside on the couch keeping warm these winter months. Definitely looking forward to the arrival of Baby PTF and Rach eagerly counts off each week as it goes by.

Mrs PTF wants me to assure you that she will return back to full blogging capacity as soon as she is feeling better. In the meantime, hopefully we will at least try to keep you posted with some PTF pics!

Well that's it from me
Signing off...... Mr PTF

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