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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Year with New Beginnings

I'm Back!

So I have had a fairly long absence from the blog world. I have been away and have just not had the chance to post anything. Not to mention we are in the middle of moving house to our Pear Tree Farm and I should so not be on here, but packing more boxes or cleaning madly....

We had such a lovely, mad, crazy, busy, beautiful Christmas this year. Little O absolutely loved her little red trike It was such fun seeing her open it and squeal when she saw it. She got straight on and immediately wanted to be riding around as fast as she could. Sooo cute.

I got a lovely old gold edged mirror for Christmas, which I have decided I will paint...just as Mr PTF expected I would when he bought it for me! (Ahh he knows me so well) I am thinking I might go for a black colour or maybe a blue grey colour. I had almost resolved on this and I happened to visit Miss Sew and So and saw her post and loved what she did with her mirror and now I am off to bunnings to get me some of that spray paint! I will show you a before and after post soon!

There has been alot happening in our neck of the woods, lots of mad packing...mild panic attacks as I look at my ever-growing list of things to do, not to mention lots of daydreaming and mental planning for our new house and the gardens. Pear Tree Farm here we come!

We get the keys to our beautiful house this Friday....this Friday!!!! I can hardly believe it! We are also still trying to sell our current house, fairly unsuccessfully. We have an open day this Saturday which is right on top of when we start our move...nice timing huh?! So we have decided to take it fairly slowly and we are actually going to paint some of the rooms inside before we move all the furniture in. Yay!!
When I get in there I shall be sure to take some before and after pics to show you all.

So that is all from me at the moment, I really must go and tick some things off my list. Sorry it is not more interesting with pretty pictures...I promise I will post some next time.

Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I am most certainly looking forward to this new year, new beginnings and exciting times and special memories ahead. Welcome 2012!

See you soon
xo Rachel

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