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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Jonah Day

Source: I typed the word 'mess' into google and this was one of the images that came up....seemed appropriate for this post

Today is a Jonah Day....things are not going as I had hoped.
Mess on the floor...every floor in the house actually.
Dishes piled up in the sink.
Cranky children.
Cranky mummy.
Stuff everywhere.

Sorry about that.
In my head I would have liked to ease you back into my blogworld with nice images of the lovely things we have been doing around here and all the amazing craft projects, homemade goodies and baking we have (or have not) been doing lately. To be honest though, if I made you wait that could be waiting a very very long time.

No, today's post, that incidentally is breaking the extremely long postless streak I have been having, is a fairly grumpy, mundane and ordinary post.

I am just having one of those days or one of those weeks/months.
I was woken at 6:30am...not my most favourite time of day I can assure you, to crying babies who have been sick.

Breaky wasn't eaten by said babies, mess was left all over the table and I found a slug (thats right...a SLUG) on my bathroom floor (thankgoodness I had socks on and didn't step on it!) I might also add that my 3 year old told that slug in no uncertain terms to'GO AWAY SLUG!' he didn't listen to her and so she took it upon herself to try and scoop him up with the cat pooper scooper and consequently left a slimy slug trail all over the bathroom floor. Slug trails are really hard to clean up too, by the way.

There is washing all over the house (flung there by my grumpy baby) which still needs to be folded and put away.
Everything I have asked my sweet 3 year old has been met with a "NO!!!"
Everything I have tried to do to placate my grumpy 1 year old dissolved him into tears and screams.
The wind is howling around Pear Tree Farm and it is not, I repeat NOT feeling very peaceful here!!!!

Before I started writing this post I was reading a post by Em at Tea Cups Too and it reassured me, somewhat. I can totally relate to this post (minus the new paintbrushes and pleasant hour spent painting in the afternoon) and it helped me to think of breaking my day up into increments. Just a few more hours...take it one hour at a time.

In this next hour I envisage hopefully transforming my disaster zone into something that resembles a home again and putting on the kettle and maybe even folding some washing into nice neat piles while my babies sleep.

Then again maybe I won't.
Maybe my sleeping baby is actually stomping around her room like an elephant, rearranging every piece of furniture and every toy in there.
Maybe my grumpy baby is throwing books at my face and ready to dissolve into tears again if I don't read to him immediately and then when I do relent and read a book to him, he dissolves anyway....

Just a Jonah Day.
As Marilla would say to Anne of Green Gables....."there there Anne girl, Jonah Days come to everyone, God knows best..."
And so, I will breathe, and I will pick myself up and start sorting things out.
Bit by bit.
One hour at a time.
I will have a pot of tea as a reward.

See you soon,

xo Rachel

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